About Us

It’s a great pleasure for us to introduce ourselves as a new market entrant to the growing Cosmetic Industry with proven technology from Canada under the Health and Wellness platform. We strive to create the best result-oriented end products possible from natural plants, their parts, flowers, and herbs while adhering strictly to the Make in India initiative. The cosmetic value of plants of Indian origin is well known. Our products are non-toxic and chemical-free.

Our Vision

As a growing cosmetic brand, our guiding vision is to make skincare products that offer superior results. Through our consistent innovation, we are aimed to develop advanced cosmetic products based on fully natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Our Mission

We dedicate our efforts to create healthy and effective cosmetic products. Our wide range of beauty products with natural ingredients along with our proven scientific methods will help your skincare. Our products can change your overall lifestyle by enhancing your looks and regaining your confidence.


We are based out of Kerala, and our manufacturing facility is located at Pathanamthitta. We sell our products Pan-India, and in 2021 we successfully launched our products in the African market as well. We have a well-established Research and Development team, without which none of our remarkable feats would have been possible. Our team is composed of a group of scientific experts who possess rich experience and expertise in the Cosmetics industry.

We are presenting investors with a golden opportunity to fetch high returns on their investment. Cosmetics is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. In 2019, the market size was valued at USD 380.2 billion. It is projected to reach USD 463.5 billion by 2027. The market may seem to have a lot of players competing for the top spot. But our niche is so specific that it beats competition if at all there is any